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Ladder Safety Training - Working At Height

The Clow Group are specialists in Working at Height and together with consultancy and advice regarding specialist access solutions, the Clow Group have utilised their years of knowledge and experience to offer training and guidance to access equipment operatives.

Ladder Safety Training Courses developed by the Clow Group are designed to ensure safe and correct handling and maintenance of access equipment.

As an employer, do you ensure that your staff are trained correctly in the handling and maintenance of access equipment such as ladders, towers and platforms ? Do you conform to the current Working at Height Regulations?

The Working at Height Regulations, (WAHR), require that written inspection records are held for access equipment. Additionally every employer is responsible for ensuring that their staff are trained, and that the work and access equipment used is inspected at regular intervals according to its use. It is an employer's obligation to ensure that they eliminate any risk whilst working at height for themselves and their staff.

UK Ladder and Safety Training Company LogoThe Clow Group Ltd offer a range of specialist access equipment training courses through the UK Ladder & Safety Training Company, a division of Clow Group Ltd.

These comprehensive courses are designed to equip operatives and users of temporary access equipment with the necessary skills and knowledge required to conduct both equipment inspections and to recognise the dangers of incorrect equipment usage.

UK Ladder and Saffety Training Company WebsiteCourses cover a range of access equipment tools and products including ladders, platforms and towers together with analysis and evaluation of appropriate risk assessment.

On successful course completion delegates can be considered a "competent person" as specified by the Health & Safety Executive.

For further information please see the UK Ladder & Safety Training Company website.

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