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Access Equipment Inspection

The Clow Group can provide a full inspection service of access equipment in line with the 2005 Working at Height Directive.

We provide Access Equipment Inspections on any Clow manufactured or supplied product, a range of third party products and Fixed Access Systems of any manufacture.

Servicing and inspection can be provided as and when required on an ad-hoc basis, (for example where an Inspection Report is required due to an incident involving a piece of access equipment).

Alternatively inspections can be conducted on a more regular basis, for example bi-annually or annually, in order to provide regular maintenance and assurance of access equipment safety.

Following an inspection, access equipment which is deemed to be "at risk" can be repaired either on site or at any of the Clow factories throughout the UK.

The Clow Inspection Tagging System is utilised for Clow Access Equipment Inspections and was developed for use on all types of access equipment which requires to be tested on a regular basis.

This system allows the status of equipment such as ladders, steps and towers to be easily identified. If equipment is deemed to be unsafe it can be quarantined by reversing the inspection tag in it's secure tag holder to highlight the warning label and immedialtely make operatives aware that the equipment should not be used.

Clow Access Equipment Inspections...

. Uniquely identify products . Generate an Access Inspection Report detailing inspection results and the status of all inspected equipment
. Inspect and report their condition . Confirm next applicable inspection dates on individual pieces of equipment
. Repair or replace equipment as requested . Can provide advice and assistance on additional related areas as requested, for example access equipment training

Clow Access Equipment Inspections provide employers and employees with the assurance that service inspections have been conducted in line with all relevant health and safety requirements. Our client base includes major high street retailers, public sector authorities and employers ranging from both small companies to larger organisations.

Please contact us for more information on how Clow Access Equipment Inspections can help improve safety and reduce costs for your organisation.

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