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Access Equipment Overview

The Clow Group Ltd. are experts in access equipment design and manufacture and offer a full range of access equipment solutions. From ladders, steps, podiums and platforms to scaffold towers, Clow Access Equipment is renowned for it's robustness, strength and quality.

Clow Group LogoWith a comprehensive range of products designed to meet a wide variety of access requirements, the Clow Group offer specialist access solutions for a multitude of environments and situations.

Within our standard product range we manufacture and supply access equipment products which are fully compatible with the current Working At Height Regulations.

Specially designed equipment to meet specific tasks and requirements such as overhead line working, the demands of marine environments and the need for fire and chemical resistance are all solutions which can be delivered by the Clow Group.

With over 90 years experience in access equipment design and manufacture the Clow Group can offer a wealth of experience and knowledge in the development and supply of bespoke access solutions.Ladders-Direct Logo

For more details on the range of ex-stock ladders, steps and access equipment products from the Clow Group please visit the Ladders-Direct Website - the online catalogue and reference website for Clow Access Equipment solutions.

For standard operating instructions and guidance on the inspection of Clow Ladders and Steps please see Access Equipment - Ladders & Steps - Instructions & Inspection for more details.

If you would like an independant Access Equipment inspection please see to Inspection Services - Access Equipment Inspection for more information.

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