Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Clow Group Ltd. - Established in 1913

Clow Group Ltd. is committed to operating its business in a manner that is both sensitive and responsible with proper regard to its legal obligations and according to all relevant directives, regulations and codes of practice.

It is also committed to supporting the Government’s vision for Corporate Social Responsibility in terms of businesses taking account of their economic, social and environmental impacts.

Clow Group Ltd defines Corporate Social Responsibility as follows:

The company recognises that its operations have an effect on the communities and environment in which it operates. In light of this, the company is committed to operating in both a socially responsible way and in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Clow Group Ltd guarantees that all issues concerning Corporate Social Responsibility are supported in our day to day business activities and administrative matters.

The company commits itself to being recognised as an organisation which understands and protects Corporate Social Responsibility.

This policy relates to all activities dealt with by or on behalf of the company.

The company’s employees wholly embrace the considerations of Corporate Social Responsibility outlined in this policy.

The company’s management team leads by example in this regard, as it continuously integrates those concerns into its daily business routine.

The management team members make certain that proper organisational structures exist to identify, follow and manage Corporate Social Responsibility matters and performance pertinent to the business.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Policy statement shall be updated as and when necessary and Clow Group Ltd will formally review its contents each year.

Cameron Clow
Managing Director

Reference: Clow Group Ltd.: Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Statement, Revision 01, Page 1 of 1, August 2019

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