Environmental Policy

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Clow Group Ltd will be responsible for managing the installation and maintenance of Access Systems specified within the contracts. Environmental performance will be an integral consideration of the ongoing operation and maintenance of these facilities. Clow Group Ltd will continually seek to improve this environmental performance through cost effective environmental management in broad compliance with ISO 14001; client policies, standards and agreements, and Clow Group’s commitments to sustainable development.

In order to facilitate the management of environmental issues, contract specific Environmental Management Plans (EMP) have been created which will operate throughout the life of the individual contracts awarded.

Principal environmental issues will be continually addressed and include:

In order to ensure that continual improvement is being achieved, the Environmental Policy will be audited and reviewed at regular intervals to ascertain the ongoing relevance of, and compliance with, the policy objectives and targets. The Environmental Policy will be publicised and communicated to all Clow Group Ltd. employees, and also externally to suppliers and sub-contractors.

Clow Group Ltd. is committed to raising awareness and influencing our suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure that goods and services procured support our environmental policy and our clients own environmental standards and requirements.

I shall update my Environmental Policy statement as and when necessary and will formally review its contents each year.

Cameron Clow
Managing Director

Reference: Clow Group Ltd.: Environmental Policy Statement, Revision 01, Page 1 of 1, August 2019

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