Access Walkways

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Access Walkway Fabrication

Clow manufactured access walkways are certified to British Standard BS 5395 and available with either open mesh or 5-bar treadplate flooring.

Aluminium is often the first choice material for access walkway systems, particularly for roof and patent glazing systems requiring a resilient, low maintenance solution.

However steel and glassfibre walkway options are also available as an alternative for most designs.

Glassfibre GRP walkways do provide a real alternative to aluminium and steel products and can provide a long-life maintenance free solution.

Available in a range of colours, GRP walkways offer the option of providing either a high visibility or low impact blended solution best suited client requirements.

Access walkway flooring can be designed to be fixed in position or hinged in order to provide access for maintenance and cleaning of gutters and roofs.

Walkways can be fitted with full handrail and mid-rail or can be integrated with gantry systems, with a combination of either safety track and trolley arrangement, handrailing and/or safety line systems.

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