Horizontal Safety Line Systems

If guardrails are not a feasible option for your project: the Safety Line System offer absolute safety. With a horizontal lifeline system, a user wears a harness that is connected to permanent steel cable track that runs through multiple anchor points fixed in the roof.

The horizontal safety line system allows safe horizontal movement at height and with the horizontal safety line system it is possible to go through intermediate supports at a distance.

Hooking and unhooking is possible at any location on the wire and it is possible to unhook the runner without taking the lanyard off.

Also contained within the system is a mobile intermediate bracket which allows working on both sides of a roof to take place without disconnection. A 12m span is allowed between supports for two users.

The amount of user knowledge required to safely use a horizontal lifeline depends on the layout of the lifeline on the roof.

A lifeline track that follows the contours of the roof (at fixed distance from the edge) requires limited user knowledge. This way, those responsible for the safety of the system (or the safety of people working on the roof) are less reliant on workers using the system correctly.

But if the distance between the lifeline and the roof edge varies, then a user needs to adjust the length of his lanyard, which requires significant user knowledge and entails a greater risk of misuse.

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