Safety Line Systems

Certified to BS EN 795 (1997) and independently tested by NEL, Clow Safety Line Systems are designed to allow safe access where handrailing is not acceptable.

The system comprises of two permanently secured, galvanised steel end posts, non-penetrative stainless steel intermediate support brackets and 8mm stainless steel wire rope. Intermediate brackets feature a unique coil spring system, designed to reduce shock loadings to operative in the event of a fall.

The type of manline system used is dependent on the gradient of the roof. We can supply vertical, horizontal or a combined system, which can be used on roofs of both a vertical and horizontal nature.

Vertical Safety Line System

The vertical safety line is a rigid anchor device which allows safe vertical movement at height. It can be used on the most varied of structures eg. Glass Roofs; Facades, Ladders, Pylons and Cranes.

Features include:

  • The runner slides through intermediate supports automatically
  • No unwanted blocking, either while climbing up or down
  • Hooking and unhooking possible at any location on the wire rope
  • Entirely made of stainless steel, 8mm wire rope
  • Tension level indicator on the lowest part
  • A shock absorber is integrated into the top of the system and is reusable

Horizontal Safety Line System

The horizontal safety line system allows safe horizontal movement at height and with the horizontal safety line system it is possible to go through intermediate supports at a distance.

Hooking and unhooking is possible at any location on the wire and it is possible to unhook the runner without taking the lanyard off.

Also contained within the system is a mobile intermediate bracket which allows working on both sides of a roof to take place without disconnection. A 12m span is allowed between supports for two users.

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