Access Solutions: Fixed Access Ladders

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Bespoke Fixed Vertical Access Ladders

The Clow Group manufacture and supply custom designed fixed vertical access ladders to meet a range of specialist requirements.

Bespoke vertical ladders can be designed to provide safe and secure access to any raised elevation while fully complying with all Work at Height Directives.

Designed and manufactured to meet the most recent of British Standards, (BS 4211:2005), all vertical ladders can be constructed with either a safety cage or, where a hoop arrangement is not suitable, a fall arrest system can be fitted.

Design and manufacture to client's exact requirements include:

  •   Fixed access vertical ladders with safety cage
  •   Custom deisgned retractable ladder
  •   Drop down ladders with security protection
  •   Curved ladder sections to meet the convex of a roof

All ladders are constructed, as standard, from mill finish aluminium, and comply fully with BS4211 and all materials are to Class 1 classification.

Ladder materials and finishes can be altered to suit almost any specification with options available in steel, powder coated aluminium and glass fibre for complete corrosion resistance and no electrical conductivity.

Whatever vertical access requirement, the Clow Group can design and manufacture a safe, strong and high quality ladder to meet exact requirements.

Please contact us or download the Clow Fixed Access Ladders Catalogue for further information.

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