Safety Line Systems

Certified to BS EN 795 (1997) and independently tested by NEL, Clow Safety Line Systems are designed to allow safe access where handrailing is not acceptable.

The system comprises of two permanently secured, galvanised steel end posts, non-penetrative stainless steel intermediate support brackets and 8mm stainless steel wire rope. Intermediate brackets feature a unique coil spring system, designed to reduce shock loadings to operative in the event of a fall.

The type of manline system used is dependent on the gradient of the roof. We can supply vertical, horizontal or a combined system, which can be used on roofs of both a vertical and horizontal nature

For detailed information on the Vertic/Clow Safety Line System - the only system on the market to provide combined vertical and horizontal safety line systems please refer to the Vertic/Clow Safety Line Brochure.

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