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Roof Access

At Clow Group the design and fabrication of roof access systems that are both safe and fully integrated into any architectual design is of the utmost importance.

Rolling Gantry
Rolling gantry used for safe roof access
at Waverley Station in Edinburgh

With the increasing emphasis on safe access through ever tighter CDM and HSE regulations Clow Roof Access Systems are coming to the fore, boasting reliability, durability and functionality.

Roof Access System at Glasgow Central Sation Roof Access System at
Central Station in Glasgow

Inverted V Gantrys
Inverted 'V' Gantries at
Glasgow Central Station

Any category of budget can be catered for from low budget, one off fabrications to multi-million pound contracts.

Recent projects include the design, fabrication and installation of a complete roof access system at the architecturally award winning Glasgow Central Station, forming part of the Major Stations Regeneration Programme.

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