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Railway Access Equipment

The Clow Group are experts in the design and fabrication of access equipment and provide a full range of solutions to the rail industry including specialist access equipment and bespoke fabrications.

Together with the design and manufacture of roof access systems, walkways and bespoke ladders the range of solutions available from the Clow Group include rail mounted access platforms, carriage roof access equipment, guardrail platforms, carriage access steps, dual sided access stairways, buffer mounted access platforms, pit bridges and cantilevered stairway stands and steps. In addition Clow can also provide bespoke maintenance equipment designed to suit specific tasks such as windscreen stands, door stands and temporary carriage door guardrail systems.

Please see below for further information and some examples of rail access solutions which can be developed and supplied by the Clow Group.

Railway Carriage Roof Access

Carriage Roof Access

On the left bridging guardrail frames allow access from either side of the railway carriage while providing the minimum side clearance required at each side of the carriage.

On the right, a mobile cantilivered stairway stand enables safe access to the carriage roof over side pits.

Mobile Cantilvered Stirway Stand

Access to railway carriage roofs can be provided by means of a fixed permanent walkway - this features a fully enclosed, retractable working area for maximum safety.

Fixed Access Carriage Roof Walkways

Fold down edge platforms eliminate any gaps between the railway carriage and the walkway. An interlock system can prevent access and use until all live lines are isolated.

Pantograph Access Ladders

Pantograph Access Ladders are constructed from composite/fibreglass for safer working within areas where there is a risk of exposure to electrical power. One metre walk through stiles provide safer and easier access to the pan area. This ladder can also be used for access to roof mounted air conditioning units.

Pantograph Access Ladder
Buffer Mounted Access Platform

Windscreen Access Platforms

Bespoke access platforms can be provided for all classes of locomotive and can include buffer mounted platforms and nose end access platforms to accomodate different locomotive types.

Nose End Access Platform
Access Step Stairway

Access Equipment Solutions

Clow provide a huge range of specialist railway access equipment including both temporary and fixed access solutions - ranging from pit bridges to track mounted access platforms.

Pit Bridge Access Equipment

For further information on the range of specialist railway access solutions available from the Clow Group please do not hesitate to contact us.

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