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Clow Group Ltd. are the sole agents and distributors for PcP Gratings in both Scotland and Northern Ireland

PcP LogoPcP, producers of the original type 'O' punched plank safety gratings, manufacture a wide variety of gratings and fabrication products with a range of specialist slip resistant patterns designed for use in stairways, stair treads, loading ramps and mobility access ramps.Slip resistant stair treads

Together with the standard range of PcP products, Clow Group can offer PcP purpose designed systems to suit individual requirements. These systems can be manufactured to provide handrails, platforms, non-standard sizes and purpose made threshold ramps.

PcP loading ramps are manufactured from sea water resistant aluminium using the well known slip resistant surface type O3. Light, user friendly and flexible in use, the loading ramps are available as straight or curved, which makes it possible to drive both up and down the loading ramps with under mounted tools.

Curved aluminium loading ramps Loading ramps slip resistant surface type O3 offering secure grip in wet and slippery conditions Loading ramps are easily mounted on a trailer Curved loading ramp offers increased strength Curved loading ramps ensure room for under mounted tools

The loading ramps are easily fixed using the special fitting angle or by using just 2 bolts through the holes. Ideally suited for use on trailers with a height of up to 700mm and for a maximum total load of 1000kg, (500kg per ramp element).

Portable Aluminium Access ramps for wheelchair accessClow Group provide the wide range of PcP Aluminium Portable Access ramps which are produced as either folding or non-folding construction designed to suit a wide range of applications and situations. 

All ramps are robust and are manufactured from the PcP unique punched hole grating system. This system provides a ramp that is both slip resistant and extremely durable in construction. Additionally all ramps are provided with side upstands to provide maximum safety in all weather conditions.

Semi-permanent access rampsAlso within the PcP range is a fully bespoke design service offering Semi-Permanent Steel access ramps where a longstanding solution is required.

Again PcP use the same slip resisting flooring, galvanised for long life, with a choice of either powder coated or galvanised handrail systems.

All semi-permanent ramps are manufactured following site surveys and design approval. These systems are offered as self erection kits or can be installed under the control of PcP.

Additional information on PcP Gratings can be found on the PcP website.

Interested in PcP products? Contact us for further information.

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