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Marine Ladders

Marine LaddersThe Clow Group has been manufacturing ladders and access equipment since 1913 and were the first ladder maker in the UK of glassfibre ladders.

With over 40 years experience in the manufacture of glassfibre access equipment the Clow Group have created a range of specialist glassfibre ladders which are designed for use within harsh and extreme conditions - these ladders are ideal for use within marine applications and environments.

The Clow Marine Ladder is a high specification ladder featuring box section stiles manufacutured from glass reinforced plastic. The rungs themselves are constructed from serrated non-slip resin matrix glass reinforced tubes and are fully bonded into the specally designed box section stiles.

This type of ladder offers a high degree of weather resistance and provides a structure which is totally electrically insulated. Completely impervious to salt water, the Clow Marine Ladder has the ability to handle the extremes of being permanently submerged in sea water.

The Clow Marine Ladder is an ideal solution for marinas, harbours, quaysides or any location where safe and secure access is required within a marine environment.

Pilot Ladders

In addition to bespoke ladder manufacture the Clow Group supply Marine Pilot Ladders. Designed for ship access on large marine vessels, these ladders can be rolled up and stored, then quickly deployed as and when required.

The Clow Group supply a range of specialist marine access equipment. For more details please download our Marine Access Equipment PDF (1725Kb).

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