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Gantry Systems

Permanent roof mounted mobile or static gantries can be designed to meet any configuration of runway, beam or track arrangement, allowing full access to glazed areas.

Compatible with the walkway range, designs include single pitch gantries, hinged gantries, 'W' gantries and inverted 'V' gantries.

Features include handrails tailored to access requirements, treads or rungs, brake system, integrated safety mesh and integrated fall restraint safety wire.

Roof Access Gantrys

We are also capable of designing, fabricating and installing multi-tiered gantry ladders to the client's requirements, in either aluminium or steel, for maintenance and inspection purposes for bridge access systems.

Gantry at St Marys College, London

Gantry LaddersRolling Gantry Ladder at Waverley
Railway Station in Edinburgh

Clow Gantry Systems can be designed to meet any configuration of runway beam or track arrangement.

Network Rail Logo

Our gantry systems have been extensively used by Network Rail (formerly Railtrack) on station refurbishments up and down the country.

Gantry installation at St Mary's College, London (left)

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