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Gangways are manufactured to BS MA 78 and can be constructed in galvanised steel, aluminium and fibreglass or any combination of these three materials.

Our standard gangway is normally one metre wide with the length dependant on customer requirements. They come complete with a non-slip walking surface, heavy duty securing lugs on the shore side and rolling wheels on the lower pontoon side.

Gangways are certified to BS MA 78
Gangways manufactured by the Clow Group

Ships Gangway manufactured by the Clow Group

The hand railing used on our gangways also complies with BS1139-PT3 but where the gangway is used at a severe incline, the height of the handrail is increased and non-slip slats are laid across the flooring to give improved grip at steeper inclines.

Articulated Gangways are normally supplied to customer's specification but can be designed in-house by the Clow Group to meet the customer's particular requirements.

We have supplied gangways for a wide variety of marine applications and to clients such as the the Ministry of Defence, ship builders and ship owners.

Please contact us with your gangway requirements, including length and estimated loading, and we'll be delighted to quote you a very competitive price.

Gangways by the Clow Group
Gangway at Ardfern Marina on the West Coast of Scotland.

Clow Group can provide gangways, walkways and bridge access to meet a range of specialist requirements.
Ships Gangway Hinged Ships Gangway Hinged Gangway

A hinged gangway manufactured by the Clow Group and specifically designed to allow for tidal movement and the changes experienced in relative ship to dock heights.

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