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Director: Douglas Clow
Position: Chairman, Clow Group
Joined Clow: 1975
Founded the Engineering Division of Clow Group 30 years ago and was Managing Director of the group of 5 companies for 22 years. Studied Engineering at Glasgow University and has personally overseen a large number of engineering projects including multi-million pound Clow Group bridge projects.

Director: Jack McKechnie
Position: Finance Director, Glasgow
Joined Clow: 1981
Joined in July 1981 as accountant/company secretary, becoming finance director 1 year later. Previously employed for 4 years as group accountant with J&W Haran Ltd, Glaziers. Graduated from Strathclyde University with a BA in Business Administration, then qualified as a CA with Touche Ross & Co. Chartered Accountants.

Director: Cameron Clow
Position: Group Managing Director, Glasgow
Joined Clow: 1992
Started with Clow Group (W.J Clow & Co Ltd) in 1992 in charge of W.J Clow & Co Ltd, T/A Hardlife ladders in Stourport–On–Severn. In 1997 he was in charge of the new aluminium ladder factory in Cradley Heath. In 1998 moved to London to help re-locate London office to Leyton factory. He moved to Scotland in 1999 and ran the engineering workshop in Glasgow, later moving to the fabrication department in 2002 and managing major projects including the Forth Road Bridge and Leeds Station. Cameron took over as Group Managing Director of the Clow Group in 2007.

Director: Janice Gardner
Position: Managing Director, Midlands
Joined Clow: 1985
In May 1985 Janice joined Clow Group as internal sales clerk. She left to go to university in 1987 and completed 4 year degree (hons). Returned to the Clow Group 1991 and worked in various departments, also working for a brief spell in Dublin branch and in Accrington. Made a Director in 1997 and moved to Cradley in 1998. Still in present role to develop business at this site.

Director: Tony Horrocks
Position: Sales Director, Clow Group Ltd.
Joined Clow: 1997

Director: Ian Housden
Position: London Director
Joined Clow: 1999

Director: William J. Lapping
Position: Sales Director, Ireland
Joined Clow: 1978
Started work in 1963 as trainee sales person for a wallpaper and paint merchants and served 4 years. Moving onto work for another company he served as a sales representative there for 11 years. Joined the Clow Group in 1978.

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