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Looking for paint brushes, paint rollers, professional decorating tools or sundry equipment ?

BrushStore WebsiteThe BrushStore Online Shop from the Clow Group Ltd. suppies a full range of professional decorating tools and equipment online through

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For a comprehensive range of paint brushes, paint rollers, brushes, (wall brushes, striker brushes, bagpipe brushes, tube brushes, fitch brushes, radiator brushes, cranny brushes, deck brushes, creosote brushes, paper hanging brushes, duster brushes, bill poster brushes, banister brushes, wire brushes), mops, buckets, cloths, sponges, dust sheets, tarpaulins, tape measures, stainless steel tools, scale tang tools, stripping knives, palette knives, filling knives, putty knives, scissors, masking tape, glass paper, aluminium oxide rolls, window cleaning equipment including scrims, channel and rubbers, squeegee handles, winwash frames, winwash sleeves, window scrapers and brooms (industrial brooms, bass brooms, platforms brooms, soft sweeping brooms), please visit !

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