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Bespoke Ladders

At the Clow Group we manufacture and supply bespoke ladders and custom designed access equipment to meet a range of specialist requirements.

We can supply bespoke ladders and fixed access ladders designed and manufactured to clients' exact requirements including:

Bespoke Ladder Fabrication from the Clow Group . Fixed access vertical ladders surrounded by a safety cage
. Bespoke retractable ladders
. Drop down ladders to meet an access requirement
. Curved ladder sections to meet the convex of a roof
A bespoke hooped access
ladder providing station roof
access at Helensburgh
Railway Station
Fixed Access Ladder at the Novartis Building
A fixed access ladder providing access
to the roof at the Novartis Building
Access Ladder at Herbert ARt Gallery in Coventry
Bespoke ladder designs have included installations at the Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry, Warwickshire (left) and the Royal Albert Hall in London (below).
Roof Access System at the Royal Albert Hall

All ladders are designed and manufactured to specific client requirements and we have the ability to take the project right from the initial design phase through to installation, maintenance and servicing.

Contact us for more information on Clow Group bespoke ladder design and roof access solutions.

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