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Advance Scaffold

Clow Group Ltd. are the sole agents and distributors in the UK and Ireland for Advance Scaffold Pty Ltd.

Advance ScaffoldAdvance Scaffold are one of the leading companies in the world to produce and manufacture Mobile Fibreglass Towers. As the sole agents and distributors for UK and Ireland Clow Group can offer this product direct to the end user.

The Advance Scaffold Mobile Fibreglass Tower offers ideal light-weight access scaffolding within any environments where there is a risk of exposure to chemicals or electrical power.

From electrical sub-stations, chemical enviroments, aircraft maintenance, computer rooms and railway stations, the inert nature of this fibreglass scaffold, with no electrical conductivity or reaction to chemicals, make this equipment a safe, reliable and sensible access option.

Competitively priced and providing exceptional safety and corrosion resistance this product offers a real option to more traditional aluminium scaffolds.

This fibreglass scaffold is tested & approved to AS/NZ 1576.3:1995.

The Mobile Fibreglass Tower itself is easy to assemble, (every frame can be used as a base frame, building frame or guard rail frame), and super light weight. This allows the Tower to be erected in minutes and, if required, easily transported by a small truck or trailer.

For more information about Advance Scaffold please visit the Advance Scaffold website.

Interested in using the Mobile Fibreglass Tower ? Contact us for further information.

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